Served 27 Years in prison, and was EXONERATED!

Hopeless: The definition is a feeling or state of despair; lack of hope. That is what Mr. Green felt for 27 years of his life while in San Quentin State Penitentiary for a crime he didn’t commit and was EXONERATED. But by his faith and what he believes as the intervention of GOD himself and a miracle in the form of Centurion Ministries. Mr. Green had a moment of hope that turned into absolute freedom quite a few years later. THE WILLIE GREEN PROJECT is that. To sum it up in one word would be “HOPE”. Our goal as a non profit is to give the hopeless, lost, forgotten people of all over the world ” HOPE”. We achieve that through dedicated support systems, financial assistance, classes, and direct intervention teams when needed. Once these people are identified and chosen we are their miracle and in that we hope they find absolute freedom too and live an abundant life and re-enter society and start to give back.” Remember a house can only stand strong and hold fast in a storm with a good foundation.”